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Incoming 9th Grade Information

Student Registration Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Freshman have to take College and Career Planning and Health?

A: No. Health is a graduation requirement; CCP is no longer a graduation requirement but still an elective that students may choose. Both CCP and Health are semester-long courses. Students who elect to take CCP during their Freshman year will have Heath assigned to them in the opposite semester.

Q: Can I take Choir and Spanish my Freshman year?

A: Yes. Freshman have room in their schedules to take two electives. In order to take two electives, students must complete the Health requirement during summer school or other alternative method. 


Q: How do middle school students sign up for summer school?

A: Each student needs to contact their middle school academic advisor. Middle school students can start to sign up on May 9th. CUSD summer school has a limited number of seats and middle school students will fill the remaining seats after the current high school students are signed up.  



Q: Do all students have to take PE?

A: Yes. All Freshman must be enrolled in a PE class. The PE options are PE activities 9, Athletic sport, Marching Band, Dance, and Basketball. If a student is nationally ranked in an individual sport you can apply for Independent PE, Application and qualifications.



Q: If I have a question who do I contact?

A: Contact your middle schools academic advisor. They have all of the information you will need to complete the transition process.


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