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Incoming 9th Grade Information

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incoming 9th graders - 2020 summer school enrollment information 

math and language PLACEMENT EXAMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Freshman have to take College and Career Planning and Health?

A: No. Health is a graduation requirement; CCP is no longer a graduation requirement but still an elective that students may choose. Both CCP and Health are semester-long courses. Students who elect to take CCP during their Freshman year will have Health assigned to them in the opposite semester.

Q: Can I level up to an Honors class?

A: Maybe. If your student would like to level up to an honors class that they did not qualify for based on their 8th grade grades they might have a chance to do so. Tesoro will not know the answer until the summer during walk through registration. In order to have a chance to level up your student must do the following TWO things: 1) Attend the 9th grade walk-through registration day during the summer to meet with their academic advisor. At this time they will be able to see if there is room in the honors class or not. 2) If there is room then the parent and student must sign a waiver form. This form commits the student to stay in the class for the entire year and eliminates their ability to level out. 

Any leveling up must be done before the first day of school during walk through registration. 

Q: Can I take Choir and Spanish my Freshman year?

A: Yes. Freshman have room in their schedules to take two electives. In order to take two electives, students must complete the Health requirement during summer school or other alternative method. 

Q: How do middle school students sign up for summer school?

A: Each student needs to contact their middle school academic advisor. Middle school students can start to sign up on May 9th. CUSD summer school has a limited number of seats and middle school students will fill the remaining seats after the current high school students are signed up.  

Q: Do all students have to take PE?

A: Yes. All Freshman must be enrolled in a PE class. The PE options are PE activities 9, Athletic sport, Marching Band, Dance, and Basketball. If a student is nationally ranked in an individual sport you can apply for Independent PE, Application and qualifications.

Q: If I have a question who do I contact?

A: Contact your middle schools academic advisor. They have all of the information you will need to complete the transition process.