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College and Career Planning Course

Course Description

The primary purpose of this course is to prepare students for academic and professional success by developing applied technology skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, Word, and Internet research skills), improving academic skills (oral presentations, PC-based note-taking and research skills, goal setting and planning skills, and keyboarding skills), completing personal traits assessments (personality, interests, multiple intelligences, values and skills surveys), exploring college alternatives (UC, CSU, community colleges, private universities, and trade/tech schools), and completing a computerized career survey (learn to use the Choices Career software to help match personal and academic goals with career paths). All assignments and projects are designed to develop the technological knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in future academic and professional pursuits.

Back To School Night

Hello Parents!!

If you missed Back To School Night or would like the PowerPoint notes from the event for this class, please click this link;

College and Career Planning Back To School PowerPoint notes (PDF)

Academic Planner

4-yr Plan Documents