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Chinese Welcomes Everyone!

Learning Chinese at Tesoro High School


        Chinese Culture will take you on an adventure to the mysteries from the Far East, meeting heroes from the glorious Chinese history, and gaining the wisdom from one of the ancient civilizations in the world.

       You will see the magic of the Monkey King,  fall in love with Chinese Kung Fu by Jack Lee and Jackie Chan, laugh out loud at the bold humor of Chinese comedies.

      During Chinese New Year, you will write Chinese good wishing words with a unique Chinese brush. We call that “Shu Fa --- Chinese Calligraphy.” In class, you will speak out loud in Chinese while playing games with your friends, or by making Chinese Animation on the computer! You will also write and sing your own Chinese song! Get your band ready for Chinese!

     Your accomplishment in Chinese will amaze everyone surrounding you! Wow! Genius! They admire you, they look up to you, and wish they knew Chinese too!


      Check it out! We made it right in our classroom! You can do it too!  We watch, we learn and we laugh! LOL

#1 Chinese Food by Nathan and Kristina

--- We have a whole Chinese language lab waiting for you!

--- You will be learning Chinese with your friends in the same class year after year! :)

--- We'll explore Chinese food and Chinese culture together through fieldtrip, movie, dim-sum party...etc! ^-^


Why Chinese is easy?

--- Chinese is a language with more than five thousand years, therefore, it is being more refined, more improved and more user-friendly! :)

1. There are no verb conjugations.
2. There is no noun-adjective agreement.
3. Numbers are easy.
4. Days of the week and months are easy.  
5. Technology and food make learning Chinese fun and easy!


Why do I choose Chinese? 

--- Global Economic Era, Think Globally!  :)

  1. China has the second largest economy in the world. 
  2. Knowing Chinese will allow students to compete effectively in the global economy of the future.
  3. China is one of America's largest trading partners.
  4. Many American companies do business in China, including Motorola, Coca Cola, and Ford.
  5. The demand for business people who know Chinese is skyrocketing.


What's the Plan For My Four Years?

--- Chinese I, II, III & AP V

1st Year:    Chinese I  (Anyone may enroll, no experience needed. )

 2nd Year: Chinese II 

3rd Year:   Chinese III

4th Year:   AP Chinese V (After Chinese III) or Chinese IV **


* Students who have already learned 500+ Chinese characters should request to have an language assessment (20 to 30 minutes during lunch at your middle school) for proper placement, please contact Angela Ng ( to schedule an appointment.


** Students, who have already learned  2000+ Chinese characters, are fluent in speaking and reading in Chinese (Mandarin) and are planning to take the Chinese AP Exam in the future, should request an assessment (20 to 30 minutes during lunch at your middle school) to see if you are eligible to enter our fast-track Chinese AP Exam Training Program (1st year Chinese IV, 2nd Year AP Chinese & Take the AP Exam in May). Please contact Angela Ng ( to schedule an appointment.

Beijing Opera
Beijing Opera
Great Wall
Great Wall
Chinese Music
Chinese Music
Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden
Chinese Food
Chinese Food
Wang Fu Jing Street
MrsNg in Great Wall.