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General Information

A Brief Mission Statement

I, Alair Zhao, by becoming President take it upon myself to mold the finest mathematics students Tesoro has ever seen. It is my goal, nay, my destiny to craft and polish the students of this club to near perfection. By imparting my own knowledge upon each student, I hope to enlighten and instigate self-enlightenment upon the children of my Preachings. Welcome to Tesoro Competition Math Circle 2018-2019. 


Contact Information

Phone: (626)476-5161



Please ask any questions you'd like, we're happy to respond with the most sarcastic answers we can think of.

Meeting Information

RM 104 Lunch Tues & Thurs

Adviser: Mr. Wondra

President: Alair Zhao

VP: Nikhil Joshi



@tesoromath to 81010