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Join Tesoro Conservation Club!



Conservation Club generally meets every Thursday at lunch, room 705 (Mr. Danner's room)!  

First Meeting is September 28th!

Check our our up-and-coming website for a full calendar of events and more information:

Copy and paste this into the URL and our website will appear.

Follow us on Instagram: @TESORO.CONSERVATIONISM.   

Message from the President

Hello all,


Welcome to Tesoro Conservation Club, a group of passionate young people dedicated to the preserving the wealth of knowledge and beauty the Earth has to offer.   

In the past year, we have led a district-wide initiative to procure solar for our school district, worked with a nonprofit to design a model sustainable kitchen, and worked with CUSD Nutrition Services on more sustainable food options--plus far more!  This year, we are reaching out to elementary schools to educate others on environmental stewardship.  

Yet while a vital part of protecting the environment is community activism, it is perhaps just as vital to appreciate the splendor of nature we strive to save.  Hiking in Orange County's hidden gems--such as Red Rock Canyon and Laguna Beach's "Top of the World"--we offer community service hours for picking up trash, and stop to discuss the plant and animal species we come across.   As it is well rounded in both laid-back adventure and serious activism, I would encourage you to stop by room 705 on a Thursday to check us out!   Whether you are a nature lover, a future politician, a science nerd, or you simply need to pad down your resume with some fun community service, Tesoro Conservation Club has much to offer.

Best of luck with the 2017-18 school year, and I hope that you find whichever extracurricular activities you choose to be fulfilling.


Thank you,


Kyle Krueger

Tesoro Conservation Club President