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Parking/Construction Information

Titan Territory Update

As we near the beginning of school I would like to share the progress we have made regarding the construction of our new and temporary buildings. First, the demolition of the old portables has been completed and the grading for the new building is underway. The construction of our temporary portables has been completed with new carpeting, air conditioning/heating and electricity. Additionally restrooms for both staff and students are centrally located on the temporary portable site. The walkway from campus to the field has been widened and lights will be added for safety. Additional campus supervisors have been hired, providing safety and assistance in the parking lot and the portable site. Teachers will begin to prepare their classrooms for the 2017-2018 school year on Monday, August 14th


Parking spaces this year will be numbered and assigned to specific individuals in both the staff and student parking areas. Parking on the hill (Tesoro Creek Road) will continue to be a free parking area. Students may park in the junior parking lot until the lottery on 9/5/2017; however, no parking is permitted in the staff parking areas or in senior parking spaces.

The Junior Lottery will be videotaped and the numbers will be read by our SRO, David Pena on September 5th.

We are happy to announce that we have been granted permission to use the LDS parking lot as a shuttle location for our students. We will send out more information regarding this parking opportunity soon.


CUSD Transportation has also participated in assisting us with the parking and traffic situation by adding a new route for our area. Juniors who are not awarded a lottery parking space will be given first priority to ride the junior student bus.  If you are interested in signing up for junior student bus transportation for the 2017-2018 school year download an application. Instructions on how and where to submit the application are explained. Payment ($575 for an annual pass per student) must be included. Students will be assigned a neighborhood bus stop based on their residence address.  In most cases the bus stop will be within walking distance of their home.

 I will continue to communicate with you weekly regarding parking and construction throughout the year.


Go Titans,

Dianne Turpel

Assistant Principal

Tesoro High School



THS Parking Regulations can be found within the Student Handbook in the Parking Information  area.

Parking Fees

Full Year -
$100 with ASB Card or
$110.00 without ASB Card 


Second Semester - NOT AVAILABLE 17/18 SCHOOL YEAR
$50.00 with ASB Card or
$60.00 without ASB Card 


The replacement fee for a lost or stolen parking permit is:
Full Year - $110.00 with ASB card or $120.00 without ASB card 

Limited parking for students is available in the student lot nearest Oso Parkway.  Additional student parking is available west of the 800/900 buildings.  Students may park in the spaces furthest from the buildings.  Those spaces directly across from, and closest to, the buildings are reserved for faculty and staff.  An additional student lot is located farther south between the football stadium and the baseball field.  Any space marked as “SENIOR” or "S" is reserved for seniors only.