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Ecology Club

Make A Difference!

The Ecology Club will educate, inspire and empower students and community members of all ages through our involvement with the Sustainability Garden, CA Native Plant Garden and Nature Trail and by promoting an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Sustainability Garden: The club will work in conjunction with AP Environmental Science students, Special Education students, teachers and community members to ensure that our garden enhances the learning experience for everyone at Tesoro HS. A special Thank You goes out to The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano for awarding Tesoro High School a 2-year grant that will further help us to make our garden a wonderful experience for everyone. In addition, we are a member of their prestigious Grow Your Own program!

CA Native Plant Garden: The club will design, construct, manage and expand our 1/2 acre California Native Plant Garden that rests on the eastern border of Tesoro, directly below the Big 'T' by the football stadium. When completed, this sanctuary will not only provide a means to study our local flora and fauna, but it will be used by all disciplines throughout the school and members of the community as well. Please stop by and take a walk through this beautiful sanctuary and enjoy the incredible setting that makes Tesoro such a special place.

Nature Trail:  The club will restore the area on the western side (back) of the school by eliminating the non-native grasses and wild artichoke that are preventing our native plants from growing. We will then restore the area with native plants which will, in turn, bring in more native animals.


Check out the Outdoor Science Classrooms by looking at Tesoro HS from overhead!

Club information

Contact Katie Dickinson, Jenny Dao or Mr. Tubbs for club information