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Tesoro Literary Magazine Club

General Announcement

We will be meeting in Mr. Beukema's classroom, Portable Room P4, this Friday!

This year, our goal is to get at least three issues out. This means we are going to have to institute a very rigorous schedule. It is very important that every member contributes to the magazine, whether through submitting work, editing work, or contributing illustrations to the final product.

What are we looking for?
Virtually anything. Stories, poems, editorials, letters, even photographs, and illustrations.

Guidelines for submission
Since this is a school publication, we have to follow school rules in regards to what we publish. We will give some leeway depending on the creative legitimacy of the work, but please refer to these guidelines as to what is acceptable content.

  • No swearing, explicit content, or gratuitous violence. (If you wouldn't show it to your most favorite teacher, don't show it to us.)
  • No offensive content, specifically racist, sexist, or homophobic diatribes. Works may contain instances of these things for thematic purposes, but cannot be affirmations of them.
  • If work contains political commentary, your analysis must be objective and evidence-based.

To submit your work, attach it to an email to

Here's to the start of another great year! We're all looking forward to seeing more fantastic publications this year.

- President of TLMC


You write it, we'll publish it! Short stories, poems, articles, and artworkwe take it all. Send us a copy at and see it in an issue on campus!

Our members are bright and dedicated editors and officers, working hard to bring quality publications to the student body.

Common Misconceptions Run-down

1. You do not have to be a member of the club to enter submissions.


2. You do not have to enter submissions to be a member of the club.


3. We do not work in conjunction with or alongside Yearbook or the Tesoro Tribune.


4. Sadly, your work will not necessarily be published. If it's gratuitous in length, detail, violence, etc. — the odds will lessen.


For traditional artists
Turn in a copy of your work to Mr. Beukema in Portable P-4. If using the original copy, please consult the President or Art Director after publication to have it returned to you. If using a photocopy, please make sure that it is in color and high quality; no banding, no pixelation.

For digital artists
Attach your work to an email to as if it were any other submission. Only the following image formats are accepted: .png, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .mdp, .sai, .xcf, .psd


President: Aliyah Kazemaini

Vice President: Joshua Nayor

Head Editor: Tyler Munro

Treasurer: Paige Bishop

Art Direction: Nick Schetman, Yuna Song

Contact Us

Submissions? Questions?

Literary Magazine

(Please submit your documents as .doc, .docx, or plain text. For those who use Pages, go to file > export to save as a Word file.)

Supreme Consul of the P4 Territory, Grand Club Advisor
John Beukema Teacher
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