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The Value of Athletics

  • Athletics is the area in which students learn skills and learn about themselves in a way no other area of school experience can provide.   Some would argue, that to win in life a person needs the experience of winning in competition.  Athletics provides this opportunity on a daily basis as students compete for a place on the team, an individual competes for playing time, and the team competes for victory.  Through this process the student athlete learns to overcome obstacles and adversity in preparation for the obstacles and adversity they will face after their athletic career is over. 


  • The greatest need in the working world is cooperation and teamwork.  Athletics provides training in this area as teams compete to win.  Student athletes learn that the team depends upon them to do their job in order to succeed. Again, this learning is then carried over into the working world after graduation.  This experience gives the athlete job skills that would be difficult to learn in another setting.  Properly orchestrated athletic programs do much to enhance lifelong success of students.


  • Winning on the field of play, teamwork that leads to success, and the lessons of hard work, perseverance, and overcoming adversity all require some form of character.  Athletics is the ideal place to reveal and build character in students.  Character building is the heart and soul of an athletic program.  Winning a game lasts until the next game, a championship lasts a season, but character lasts a lifetime.  Therefore the central part of an athletic program and the part that will make a difference in a student’s life is character.  There is no better place to teach and experience this than in a well designed athletic program run by coaches who model character, care about all students, and expect excellence.


Tesoro Athletics Website

Athletic Clearance Info is Listed on the site.

Athletic Eligibility


This 'privilege' is earned and must be maintained by each participant.  Once a member of a team, the choices one makes affects each athletes eligibility.  Athletes must take a moment to read and understand the Athletic Code of Conduct.  The "CODE" along with the specific team rules will be in effect throughout the school year.


Academic Eligibility - Tesoro High School expects our student-athletes to be students first, and maintain exemplary character in the classroom by being in class everyday, modeling mature behavior and focusing on academics.  Each student must complete each semester passing 20 units with a minimum 2.0 grade point average and only one PE class may be used toward credit in earning the 2.0 gpa.  If any student-athlete falls below a 2.0 gpa, he/she will be granted a one-time probation by the Athletic Director.

Physical Eligibility - The Athletic Clearance Packet must be completely filled out and turned into the Athletic Office before any student is able to tryout for, or participate on any athletic team.

Transfer Eligibilty - If your son/daughter has transfered from another high school to Tesoro, he/she will need to see the Athletic Director for CIF Transfer Eligibility Paperwork.  Transfer students are not allowed to participate in any competition until cleared by the CIF Southern Section.  Participation prior to clearance could result in forfeiture of games and ineligibility for the athlete.


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