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Avem De Melodiam

Missed Information From The Last Few Meetings

Not much as been talked about during the last few meetings, due to many busy schedules, which is also why it was not crucial that any missed information was sent out. However, we discussed how crucial it is to be apart of the Google Classroom and we discussed upcoming votes for: T-shirts, music, and club positions. All of these will be discussed THIS Thursday in the orchestra room @ Lunch (10/19) We will also be setting up dates and finalizing this month's volunteer opportunities

We highly HIGHLY recommend that you attend this meeting

Even if you attend only the beginning portion

This is the MOST important meeting that we will have for awhile 

and due to event planning and voting, we really need all of you there


Thank you guys so much! I will see you this Thursday! 


-Katie Randall



Our Club and What We Offer:

Welcome to the official website for Avem De Melodiam! This is a music-based club where we perform and assist those in the community. Our performances will be held at senior centers, children's hospitals, local parks, elementary/middle schools, etc. We hope to not only expand the love of music, but give back to those in need. We will perform for the hearing impaired (yes, there is a way to do this), veterans, and young children. This club is for any instrument: strings, wind, percussion, etc. If you are in color guard or marching band, we will accept you too! There are so many opportunities for everyone! Even if you do not play an instrument, we have many jobs for you! You could be a composer, conductor, help coordinate our events and activities, help sort and choose our sheet music, and so much more! You can compose your own pieces, find music online, look for music in the libraries here at school, or even have one of us club members compose a piece for you! We are tolerant of all genres/styles of music! 

Our club works around everyone's schedule! We will have practices and meetings during school, after school, and over the weekend! You will have many opportunities to participate!! If you want to come in during tutorial or even practice during your own free time, we highly encourage it! We will have many bondings and get-togethers in order to encourage communication between fellow club members! We hope to bring a positive atmosphere here in Avem De Melodiam! Thank you for viewing our page and feel free to browse through all that we have to offer you! :)


-Katie Randall (Club President)

Missed Information

Hello everyone! I know that many of you were not able to attend our first club meeting today (9/28) and that is completely alright! This is where I am publishing the missed information so you guys will be up to date on what we're doing! 


*All of our platforms*

In order to be up-to-date with everything that we are doing, please check out the following:

*Our instagram is @avemdemelodiam - This is where we will post pictures, videos, slideshows, etc. of what we do and the events/activities that we partake in!

*Our google classroom code is 80rzou - Please use your personal google account and join our classroom! This is where ALL of our information, video links, polls, group discussions, sheet music, free DJing programs, composing programs, etc. will be posted. We also make important announcements in the classroom.

*Our remind will be used to inform everyone of meeting, practice, and event times!

*We do have a club email: - However, this email is going to be used for emailing organizations and professional companies. We please ask that you do not email us here unless you want to join the club and have no other way of contacting us. We cannot have our email flooded with student emails. 


What we offer:

Community Service!!!

-Volunteer at children's hospitals: sing to them, perform for them, teach them

-Senior Centers: Perform and assist

-Perform for the hearing impaired: There is a way to do this. They can feel the vibrations. This is a neat project that I am very excited for everyone to partake in!

-Local middle/elementary schools


-Performances in various locations: Concert halls, parks

(Hopefully) we can get a performance at a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony!!

-Bondings/Bonfires/Movie Nights

We can practice for (hopefully) pep rallies!

And we can have a lot of fun with neat games and activities, such as a Riff Off!!!


Our Club Is For:

Any instrument



DJs and Music Production



Anything music related that you can think of!!!


You can compose your own music, find music online, browse through libraries, the possibilities are Endless! We will have large ensemble performances and mini groups: duets, quartets, trios, solos, whatever you want!

We will have themes, but any genre/style of music is accepted! However, Nothing Innapropriate! It must be PG and school friendly


Next Month's Theme: Scary, dark, deep, intense music


We already have our officer positions (listed on the right hand side of this page)

But we will be voting for many other positions within the next few club meetings

The job opportunities are still TBD, but we have a few ideas already, such as:

Activities Coordinator

Advertisement Coordinator

Music Librarians

Inventory Keepers



We will have lunch meetings, tutorial practices, after school practices, weekend practices, we will make sure that everyone can participate! We will have specific times ready for you by the next meeting! Remember, our club works around YOUR schedule! We will try our hardest to make sure that club events and meeting times do not severely conflict with marching band practice, colorguard practice, mock trial, etc.


Finally, T-shirts!! Start thinking about whether or not you'd want a club T-shirt! We will have the design revealed to you at the next club meeting!!

More info will also be at the next club meeting! 


Thank you all so much for reading this lengthy message! I hope I covered everything! And I hope you all are well-informed! If you have any questions, text me personally or message me via remind! 

Don't forget that you can also suggest ideas or ask questions via google classroom and instagram! :)


Goodnight everyone!


-Katie Randall

Club Dates
Our Sponsor
Cathy Olinger (949) 234-5310 Instrumental Music Director
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