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Frequently asked questions

What can we not bring to graduation?

Umbrellas, balloons, coolers, signs, fireworks, beach balls, and air horns or other obnoxious noise makers are not allowed in the stadium. Umbrellas/balloons can obstruct views, coolers are unnecessary (snack bar will be open), and air horns are deafening.


When do we receive our graduation tickets and caps & gowns?

During rehersals on June 2nd.  9:00 am and 10:30 am

Can I arrive early and save seats or wait in line?

No, the stadium is shutdown until gates open. Any blankets/chairs that make it into the stadium prior will be swept.

Gates open 1 hour prior to the ceremony


I have handicap parking, will there be enough spots?

Handicap parking is located on site.  Handicap parking is limited, however, and is on a first come first serve basis. 


Will anything be done about the weather?

The weather cannot be controlled. June can be hot and June can be gloomy.  Check the weather prior to the event and dress accordingly.  Hats and sunscreen are recommended.


Will there be handicap seating at the event?

Yes, there will be seating for handicap persons and 1 additional chaperone. Handicap seating is limited and on a fist come first serve basis.


Can my graduate wear leis and other sorts of regalia during the ceremony?

Only school provided/approved regalia may be worn during the ceremony.  This regalia is distributed during senior awards and consists of cords, stoles, and medals that are directly related to and approved by TESORO HIGH SCHOOL.

Leis can be worn during graduation.


What should I wear under my gown and on my feet?

Clothes and shoes!  After graduation there will be pictures taken by family/friends.  Think about what you want to wear under your gown that will make your family happy during pictures.  Many graduates wear dress clothes.  Absolutely no heels on the turf!  The heels will not only poke holes in the turf, but they will also get stuck and you may fall.  Flats or wedges please.


You will need to arrive at the ceremony holding your cap and gown.


Will there be a photographer taking pictures of graduates receiving their diplomas?

Absolutely!  South Coast Photographic will be taking a still shot of each graduate receiving the diploma on stage. A link will be provided after graduation where these photos can be accessed.

Graduation 2021

Commencement Ceremony Information:

Date: June 3, 2021

Location:  Tesoro High School, Titan Stadium

Gates Open: 1 hour before ceremony

Ceremony Time:  2 pm & 5 pm

4 guests per graduate seated in "pods"


Updated 5/14/21


Tesoro Grad Announcement #2  May 14, 2001

NOTE:  Graduation announcements (including this one) are posted here.  This should prevent you from having to scroll through multiple emails looking for a specific bit of information.

Each graduate will receive one parking pass and one QR coded guest ticket that is good for up to four guests.  QR codes will be scanned at the stadium entrances.  Once a coded ticket has been scanned, it will no longer be valid.  Please do not allow anyone to make a copy of your ticket, as a copied ticket once scanned will invalidate the original and prevent the holder of the original to gain entrance. Tickets and parking passes will be distributed at graduation practice.

The link for the graduation sign up will be sent in the next graduation update early next week and will be posted on the graduation page of the Tesoro website.

Graduation practice will take place on Wednesday, June 2nd in Titan Stadium.  Each ceremony will have a separate practice with the 2 pm ceremony practice starting at 9:00 am and the 5:00 pm ceremony practice starting at 10:30 am.  Students will be assigned their actual seat at practice so they will know exactly where they will be sitting for the ceremony the following day.  At the end of each practice, students will receive their cap, gown and tassel as well as their parking pass and ticket.

Tesoro Band will be selling leis through a preorder process.  These can be worn at the graduation ceremony.  Preordered leis will be distributed by the band at practice.  Leis will not be sold at the event.  For more information to come from our band directors.

Students should arrive on the baseball field at least one half hour before the start of the ceremony.  Ceremonies will start on time so please don’t be late. 

South Coast Photography will be at both ceremonies taking an individual picture of each graduate that will be available for purchase on their website.  Specific information will be given to graduates at rehearsal as well as in a future grad announcement.

Both ceremonies will be livestreamed and available on YouTube.  A link will be posted here and will be sent in a future grad announcement.

I will be holding a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, May 18th at 7:30 pm to answer any questions or address any concerns.  Please click this link to enter.

Ken Ezratty – Principal




Updated 5/6/21

Dear Senior Titans,

We are pleased to share more specifics about Tesoro’s 2021 Commencement Ceremony.  Due to California’s viral rate (the lowest in the Continental US); we are able to hold multiple in-person graduation ceremonies.  There will be two ceremonies both held on Thursday, June 3rd in Tesoro’s Titan Stadium.

The first ceremony will be at 2 pm with the second ceremony starting at 5 pm.  Each ceremony will last approximately one hour.   Students will receive an email with a link to an online sign up page on May 19th at 9:00 pm so that students can sign up for the ceremony of their choice, providing there is room.  (approx. 300 students per ceremony).  Students will actually select their ceremony, the side of the stadium, and the row they will sit in.  This will allow friends to coordinate with each other so they can walk in the processional and sit together.

This will be a ticketed event with each graduate receiving four tickets.  We are excited to be able to allow four guests per graduate but this puts some capacity limitations on the ceremony.  State guidelines call for attendance to be limited to members of the student’s household.  If families are not going to use all of their tickets please do not give them to other graduate’s families.  Seats will be grouped in pods of four so guests of each graduate must sit together.   There will not be the ability to sit in groups of five or more.  Friends and family who cannot attend will be able to watch the ceremony through a professional livestream service.  We will be sending a livestream link in a future message.  Students will receive guest tickets along with their cap and gown on June 2nd after our morning graduation rehearsal. 

We are also limited with our parking capacity so we are asking graduates to come in one car with their guests.  Each graduate will receive one parking pass good for a single car.  These will be distributed with the graduation tickets.  School is still in session on this day so we ask that guests and graduates do not arrive early.  Parking and access to stadium seating will be made available one hour before each ceremony.

At the end of the first ceremony, we will be asking families to exit the stadium immediately in order to prepare for our second ceremony.  A separate space on campus will be provided for congratulatory hugs and pictures.

California Department of Public Health Guidelines require masks to be worn while on campus for all graduates and guests.  Graduates will be allowed to remove their mask for a photo opportunity as they cross the stage.

We are excited we can provide a traditional graduation ceremony during these difficult times.  Thank you for your patience and support.  We will be providing follow up emails in the next month as reminders as well as detailing more specifics.   If you have any immediate questions, please contact our Activities Director, Petra Davis at

We look forward to seeing you to help us celebrate the Class of 2021!

Ken Ezratty – Principal

Tesoro High School



CLICK on the BUTTON below to sign up for a Graduation Ceremony time.  Link goes live at 9 pm on 5/19/21

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Graduation Ceremony:

Q:  Do the graduates count as a ticketed member four members within your group?

A:  No, graduates may bring four guests in addition to themselves.

Q:  How many friends can sign up to sit together?

A:  Each row has 10 seats but in reality, students should only plan to try to get in the same row as one or two of their friends as seats will be available on a first come first served basis.

Q:  Will guests have assigned seating?

A:  No, we will have pods of four seats throughout the home and visitor’s sides.  Seating will be available both in the stands and on the track.  Each graduate’s guests must enter and sit together but pods of seats will not be assigned.

Q:  Will there be enough parking for everyone for both ceremonies?

A:  Yes.  Graduates will receive one parking pass for their ceremony.  This will ensure that there will be enough parking for everyone.  We are assigning different areas of the campus for parking based on each ceremony. Graduates in the first ceremony will not rushed to vacate their parking spots, and graduates in the second ceremony will be guaranteed a parking spot.  If families cannot arrive in one vehicle, we will have an Uber/Lyft drop off area.

Q:  Will guests of each graduate need to enter the stadium together?

A:  Yes, each graduate will receive one parking pass and one admission ticket that will be good for four guests.  If guests are not arriving together, please plan on a meeting place before entering the stadium.

Q:  Will families from the first ceremony be rushed off campus to make room for the participants in the second ceremony?

A:  No, Graduates and guests will be asked to leave the stadium immediately after both ceremonies but there will be a reception area for graduates to celebrate with their families and friends.  Participants from the first ceremony will be allowed to stay in the reception area as long as they wish.

Q:  How will graduates know what color gown they will be wearing?

A:  Tesoro sent a list of students with 4.0 or higher GPAs at the 12 week grading period to Jostens who is assembling whites gowns for those graduates.  Students who had not earned a 4.0 GPA at the 12-week grading period but who subsequently met the 4.0 requirement by final semester grades will be able to exchange their blue robe for a white robe on June 2nd after rehearsal.

Q:  Where will students with white robes be seated?

A:  All CUSD high schools made the determination that graduates would be given the opportunity to choose where they sit.  Therefore, robe color will not dictate seating placement for the ceremony.

Q: Will masks be required at graduation due to the new CDC guidance?

A:  CUSD takes their guidance from the California Department of Public Health and the Orange County Health Care Agency.  These agencies often follow CDC guidelines but as of this date there has been no new guidance on gatherings.  We hope to have an update soon and notify families of those changes as soon as possible.