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Honors Science

Honors Science Program at Tesoro

Honors Biology and Chemistry are college prep science classes unique to Tesoro High School.  Students will be exposed to currirculum to better prepare them for AP science classes.   Students will be exposed to more technology based labs and projects throughout the course.

Honors Biology Course Description

Prerequisite: Entering freshmen need recommendation of eighth grade science teacher.

Honors Biology is a one-year course designed for the 9th grade college bound student. This investigative laboratory oriented course emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving skills. The course is designed to have students develop an appreciation of the natural world and an understanding of biology’s role in society.

This course is a lecture and laboratory-based course aligned with the CUSD science standards.  It covers cell biology, genetic mutation and sexual reproduction, development of multicellular organisms, genetics, ecology, homeostasis and the human body, and human immune systems.

Honors Chemistry Course Description

Prerequisite:   Completion of Biology or Honors Biology with a B or better.  Successful completion of Algebra I. Recommendation of current science teacher.

Recommended: Completion or concurrent enrollment in Algebra II/trig. Recommendation of current science teacher.

This inquiry and investigative laboratory-based course is aligned with the CUSD science standards and is designed for the college bound science major. It deals with the scientific principles behind the interactions of matter and energy. Emphasis is placed on the quantitative evaluation of the atom, elements, periodic table, chemical bonding, gases, solutions, thermodynamics, acids and bases, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry.

Honors Biology
Robin Cadiz Teacher
Jenny Chambers Teacher
Honors Chemistry
Megan Leiva Science Teacher
Shannon O'Malley Teacher
Annie Yu Teacher