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My heroine!

Alex Manzotti


Bienvenidos a español III y AP IV Spanish Language and Culture. My name is Alex Manzotti and I have been teaching Spanish at Tesoro since 2008. I have a History Degree from CalState Fullerton. I also have a Psychoanalysis certificate from the New Center for Psychoanalysis from UCI. I have taught preschool and Kindergarten for Saddleback Unified School District. I have also taught American History at Niguel Hills Middle School. I was an English as a Second Language Teacher in Argentina. I truly enjoy teaching and it is my philosophy that students learn best when they are part of a caring community of learners. I also believe we learn best when we do, even when we do mistakes. My classes are active and I try really hard for all students to be engaged as much as possible. I understand that nobody knows a child as well as their parents and guardians so I encourage parents to contact me and let me know how can I better serve the students. I have tons of extra help on each Google class in the section About according to level and language. I really hope you find them useful.

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My heroine!
The first time I thought about becoming a teacher...
The first time I seriously considered becoming a teacher...
Foto, cortesía de mis estudiantes
Foto, cortesía de mis estudiantes