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Mrs. Hayes Locker

Mrs. Hayes


I began my teaching career 15 years ago at Tesoro High School and I'm proud to be a part of the Titan family.  I have my bachelor's degree in English Literature from UCLA and my teaching credential and master's degree in Education from Pepperdine University.  

I teach English II Honors and World Lit/Advanced Comp., I'm the advisor of TNT, and I help coach the Academic Decathlon team. 

My husband and I have two daughters who are 3 and 6. 

I love teaching and I look forward to a wonderful year! 


Grade Updates: I generally update/publish grades on School Loop every Friday afternoon.  This includes all homework, in-class work, quizzes, tests and late/absent work that was turned in the week prior.  So if a student says they turned in an assignment, it will show up in the School Loop grade book by that Friday night.  The exception to this are essays and projects which may take up to a few weeks to grade.

If there is a discrepancy between the student's records and the School Loop gradebook, the student needs to see me ASAP and show me the assignment in question to rectify the situation.  All assignments that have been turned in on time will have a stamp on them as proof.

Late work: Honors English II does not accept late work. For World Lit, I take late work for 50% of the points up to one class period late.  

Absent workWork missed due to an excused absence is worth full credit if it is completed and submitted by the next class period after the student returns to school.  An agenda for each day is posted in the Calendar section of my class's School Loop page, so an absent student can see what they missed in class (notes, activities, quizzes, homework, etc.) for that day. Also, homework assignments are posted in the School Loop gradebook and corresponding handouts, notes, etc. are in the class locker. Missed quizzes and tests need to be made up in tutorial within a week of the test date.


Contact Mrs. Hayes


School Phone: 949-234-5310