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Titan Pride!

The Titan Mascot continues to make appearances at Tesoro related events to this day.  Keep an eye out!



He's Coming - Promotion


For the weeks leading up to the Spring Sports Pep Rally, the 2004-2005 ASB promoted a mysterious silhouette of what the Titan Mascot would finally look like.  It was stated that the first ever Tesoro Titan images were supposed to be revealed by Principal Dr. Daniel Burch during the Rally.  Little did we all know that the Titan Mascot himself would make a surprise debut, shocking his way into the Tesoro History Books.



Wisdom, Strength & Honor


Not only did the Titan Mascot make its first ever appearance, but he also brought along a new school mantra that accurately describes the values of Tesoro's greatest treasures: its students, parents and staff.

Wisdom, Strength And Honor

In The News


The debut of Tesoro's Titan Mascot made the front page of the Canyon Life Newspaper and was considered its lead story.  Head over to the Newspaper Archives section to view the article.