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Tesoro Staff Directory

Tesoro Administration
Name Title Email Address
Ken Ezratty Principal
Bill Busenkell Assistant Principal, Student Services
Dianne Turpel Assistant Principal, Student Services
Paul Weir Assistant Principal, Guidance
Petra Davis-Johnson Activities Director
Gil Ramirez Athletic Director


Support Staff
Name Title Email Address
Carie Abrew Registrar
Sharon Ames Guidance Clerk
Julie Arlotti Head Academic Advisor, DAW-H
Terri Boardman Discipline Secretary
Wendy Brennan Guidance Secretary
Holland Crowe Academic Advisor, SAO-Z
Margaret Higashi Activities Clerk
Donna Horn Office Manager
Susan Merchant Athletics Clerk
Tracey Morris Library Media Tech
Maria Perez Library Media Clerk
Charity Robertson Attendance Clerk
Judy Sanchez Receptionist
Kelly Silao LVN
Andy Stratton Academic Advisor, I-MN
Angela Winner Attendance Clerk
Melanie Young Academic Advisor, A-DAV
 TBA Academic Advisor, MO-SAN  


Counseling Services Staff
Name Title  Email Address
Elaine Saenz Psychologist
Lisa Woodland Psychologist
Jamie Runyan Counselor
Sy Smaker Speech Therapist
Richard McGrath Intervention Specialist
Debbie Wiederecht Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist


Name Department Email Address
Katie Ahmer English
Ted Alexander PE
Brian Barnes PE
Carolyn Benjamin German
Kurt Berkenkotter Social Science
John Beukema English
Jessica Bieger Art
Alisan Boes Math
Rick Brail Social Science
Gabrielle Breese Math
Ernie Bucher English
Christian Cardey PE
Wendy Cast English
Jenny Chambers Science
Peter Chance Social Science
Yeon Choi Music
Alfonso Clemente Spanish
Steve Cogan Science
Teri Cooper SPED
Kevin Corbett Steps
Craig Cunningham College/Career
Steve Danner Science
Cheryl Des Palmes Drama
Rocco Di Francesco CCA
Alyssa Di Somma English
Danny Doyer Steps
Tracy Durst Math
April Engelken SPED
Elizabeth Evans Ceramics/Draw/Paint
Cindie Forrest Math
Alyx Gaedicke English
Steve Garrett SPED
Mike Gibson Social Science
Elizabeth Gomez Math
John Hallam Video Prod./Photo
Keith Hancock Choral Music
Colleen Harnett English
Pat Harnett Social Science
Danielle Hayes English
Bobby Hughes Math
Kim Jindra Social Science
Van Johnstone SPED
Jason Kirkwood Science
Andy Magana Music
Adrian Maldonado Spanish
Stefanie Marquez Spanish
Michelle McKinley Science
Mark Mooney English
Isaiah Neustaedter SPED
Angela Ng Chinese/US History
Lindsay Nolte Math
Jim O'Brien Math
Shannon O'Malley Science
Rebecca Park English
Hannah Perry SPED
Christine Peterson Steps
Ryan Pinon Spanish
Rich Polk  Social Science
Matt Poston Math
Kimberlee Prosio SPED
Pedro Pulido Spanish/French
Diane Rasic Social Science
Raul Reyes English
Tricia Reyes English
Nate Ritscher Science
Kimberly Roberts Math
Stephanie Sanchez English
Ryan Scott Math
Don Skaff Math
Dee Dee Spencer PE/Health
Shannon Sybirski Publications/Art
Lisa Szczudlak English
Courney Tebbe Math
Laura Thompson Social Science
Chad Trotter English
Tatjana Trout German/French
Tony Tubbs Science
Jacob Williamson Science
Adam Wondra Math
Jennifer Woodward Social Science
Rick Woodward Social Science
Anne Yu Science