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Wisdom, Strength & Honor Plaque

Class of 2005 Plaque

Monument Concept

Tesoro Beautification 2Tesoro Campus Beautification

In the spring of 2005, as graduation was rapidly approaching, the 2004-2005 ASB officers embarked on a campus beautification project with the goal of adding distinguishable Tesoro Titan Pride landmarks to the school's surroundings.  After surveying the options and opportunities, ASB decided and voted on installing what is now known as the T Monument in the center courtyard. 

Above are the initial conceptual photos, created by  ASB President (04-05) -          Jim Paulos, that were meant to give the staff, administration and contractors a visualization of what the monument would look like after its completion.

Construction started soon after and took place during the week of spring break, in order to avoid disrupting normal school activities.  Three days later, the T Monument was completed for all to enjoy!

Paint Concept

Campus Beautification continues

The week after the 2005 spring break, ASB Vice President (04-05) - Lauren Graham And Senior Representative (04-05) Courtney Alexander, added paint to the T Monument, thus completing its finishing touches.  The process took over six hours, as layer after layer was carefuly brushed on.  To this day, the T Monument stands as another symbolic reference to Wisdom, Strength And Honor and serves to prove that by staying together a Titan can overcome any obstacle and by working together a Titan can accomplish any goal.

Monument At Night

Beautification project night shot

The T Monument can often be seen during night time events at Tesoro and stands to greet all members of the Titan Family.