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Exterior Mural

A Titan Time-lapse

still from time lapse video

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The Official Titan Mural Time-lapse Video!

Blank Canvas

painting the Titan Mural

After the introduction of the Titan Mascot, the 2004-2005 ASB class worked diligently to try to accomplish their next goal:  Painting a Titan Mural on the exterior of the gym. 

Multiple companies were interviewed and the project was put out to bid.  Once selecting a contractor (Boss Graphics, State Lic #548103), Principal Dr. Daniel Burch and ASB President (04-05) Jim Paulos, made a passionate presentation to the Rotary Club del Sol in order to rally support and help raise funds.

Thanks to the Rotary Club's generous donation the Tesoro Titan Gym Mural Project was able to move forward.  The project took approximately one week for completion and experienced mild delays due to unexpected rain.  Despite these challenges, the project was officially completed on Easter Weekend: March 27th, 2005.

Conceptual Mural Plans

Concept drawings 1concept drawings 2

Above are samples of the conceptual drawings that were created by ASB President (04-05) - Jim Paulos, inorder to assist fundraising as well as plan and execute the project.

Measuring From High Places

Measuring for the mural 1measuring for the mural 2

In order to send the correct wall dimensions to Boss Graphics for mural preparation, Athletics Director - Gil Ramirez and ASB President (04-05) - Jim Paulos had to literally measure up to the mural's challenge.  After climbing to the gym's roof, Jim and Gil were assisted by Activities Director (01-05) - Kevin Tonai who helped take down wall measurements.

A Titan Illumination

The Finished Project in all it s glory

Thanks to the creativity of Tesoro's visionary Athletic Director - Gil Ramirez, the Titan Mural also had lights installed to illuminate the mural for night events!