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Treasured Facts

How many students were in Tesoro's first student body?


1400 in 2001

2800 in 2005

2600 in 2009

2500 in 2014



What is our motto?

"Do The Right & Proper Thing"  - Dr. Burch



What is our mantra?

"Wisdom, Strength and Honor"



Where was Tesoro's first graduation?

Titan Stadium - 2004 2005

OCC Stadium - 2006

OC Fairgrounds - 2007

OCC Stadium - 2008-2014



Does our mascot have a name? If so, what is it?

In 2005, the official "Name The Mascot Campaign" took place.  After much

feedback, none of the names really fit and it became apparent that giving

the mascot a name would only diminish the power of the Titan brand and make

it more on the humorous side.  For these reasons among others, it was voted

upon and decided that the Titan mascot shall forever be referred to as "The

Titan" or "Titan".



Who was the first to wear the mascot attire?

Carolyn Frantz, office manager 2001-2005 was the first person ever to wear

the Titan Mascot Costume.  Photos available at



When did the Titan Mascot Debut?

Titan Mascot first debuted in the 2004-2005 winter sports pep rally.



When were the T Monument and Titan Murals Installed? 

The T Monument and Murals were installed in 2005



Are there hidden secrets on our campus?

Specific classes have left hidden mementos throughout the campus to symbolize

Tesoro's Treasure.



How did we become the Tesoro Titans?

In 2001, when voting on mascots some of the final choices consisted of

Tesoro Pirates, Tesoro Hawks, Tesoro Rattlesnakes and Tesoro Titans.  In the

year before this voting took place, the movie "Remember The Titans" has just

been released and was still very popular at the time.  This inevitably

tipped the scales and we were forever known as the Titans.  This is also

were the Titan Shuffle was derived from.



What does the word Tesoro mean? 

Tesoro is the Spanish word for "Treasure".  Our school was named this based on the

legend that there really is lost treasure hidden in our hills.



Has the lost treasure been found?

In 2001, we declared publicly that the lost treasure had been found

amongst our students, staff and families.



How many internet domain names does Tesoro use?

Tesoro High School currently has over 33 internet domain names allowing us

to reach out to our community and provide information and support.



When did THS open?

September 4th, 2001.



What year did we become a Distinguished School?