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THS WASC Midterm Review 2014

WASC 2014 Midterm Review

Tesoro was visited on February 27th by representatives for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  This was a follow-up visit to three years earlier to check on the progress that Tesoro has made towards its goals and to make recommendations for the school moving forward.

The WASC visiting committee noted that Tesoro has made significant improvements in the areas recommended during the visit three years ago:

  • There has been a significant decrease in academic dishonesty.
  • The Advisement/Homeroom continues to be modified to best help students.
  • There are structures in place to support keeping the campus clean and schoolwide recycling.
  • The school is in the process of offering several new electives for students.
  • The schoolwide ESLR’s are embedded in Tesoro’s culture.
  • The school has taken significant steps in creating a professional development plan focused on staff learning and using best instructional practices.

Moving forward, the visiting committee recommended that Tesoro continue its work in the following areas:

  • Continue to create and implement a comprehensive, structured professional development program.
  • Continue to use Professional Learning Communities as a means to analyze data, share instructional strategies, and work towards common assessments.
  • Continue to utilize Late Start days for professional development.
  • Continue to find professional development opportunities for technology implementation.

Overall, the visiting committee was extremely impressed with the entire staff and student body. The committee visited every classroom and noted the excellent instruction that was taking place and the growth of the school since their last visit.

Great Job Titans!