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Intro to Web Design

Topic Organization

Module 1: HTML Basics (2 weeks)

Module 1 introduces basic HTML tags and cascading style sheets (CSS) through projects designed to experiment with page design and introduces the concepts of Web standards and accessibility.

Module 2: The History and the Future of the Web (1 week)

Module 2 explores the past and future of Web technologies and the structure of the Web. The rights and responsibilities surrounding intellectual property rights in an electronic world are emphasized.

Module 3: Designing for Communication (2 weeks)

Module 3 explores human communication and the unique challenges that electronic modes of communication present for effective transmission of ideas. Projects focus on the use of design principles to communication successfully to a Web audience.

Module 4: Working with Images (3 weeks)

Module 4 uses Microsoft Expression Design to create images (that are used in Web projects in Module 7). Image concepts related to scanning, digital photography, and image manipulation techniques are included.

Module 5: Beyond the Basics with Expression Web (2 weeks)

Module 5 introduces students to the Expression Web environment and provides tutorials to guide them in creating a Web site. Advanced (what type?) concepts are introduced.

Module 6: The Design Process (3 weeks)

Module 6 explores Web technology careers and simulates the design planning process of Web design professionals. Team collaboration and customer interactions are emphasized as students plan a Web site project for an organization. (The project planned in this module is created in Module 7.)

Module 7 The Production Process (3 weeks)

Module 7 guides students in the production of the Web site that was planned and designed in Module 6. This module is lab intensive, with the educator serving primarily as a guide and supervisor. (The planning for this module occurs in Module 6.)

Module 8 Web Publishing and Maintenance (2 weeks)

Module 8 establishes processes and techniques for selecting hosting services, evaluating the effectiveness and usability of Web sites, and providing maintenance over time. Personal reflection on the complete Web design process, and the skills and characteristics valuable for Web technology careers is encouraged. (The project produced in Module 7 is referenced within this module.)