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Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting Course Description

Drawing and Painting 1A, 1B (P)


The first semester of drawing and painting is for students with little or no experience in high school visual arts.  This course will stress the beginning techniques in drawing.  Primary emphasis will be on line, shading, texture, proportion, 1, 2 and 3 point perspective all utilizing various drawing media.  Drawing and painting 1B is a continuation of skills learned in Drawing and Painting IA with the inclusion of various paint medium.  Students will further explore the concepts that govern good drawing and painting.  The course will use a format of teacher demonstrations, classroom discussions and critiques.  It will be a studio environment where the ability to work productively and consistently will be taught and encouraged. The course also covers art history, design elements and principles, art careers, tools and art vocabulary. 


Drawing & Painting Teachers
Jesseca Bieger Teacher
Shannon Sybirski Teacher