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Biology by Stephen Nowicki Copyright © 2008


Course Description

Prerequisite: Entering freshmen need recommendation of eighth grade science teacher.

This course is a lecture and laboratory-based course aligned with the CUSD science standards. It covers cell biology, genetic mutation and  sexual reproduction, development of multicellular organisms, genetics, ecology, homeostasis and the human body, and human immune  systems.

Biology is a one-year course designed for the 9th or 10th grade college bound student. This investigative laboratory oriented course emphasizes the basic structural, physiological, ecological, evolutionary, and genetic principles as they pertain to living organisms. Critical thinking and problem solving are integral components of the curriculum. The course is also designed to help all students develop an appreciation of the natural world and an understanding of biology’s role in society.

Biology Teachers
Robin Cadiz Teacher
Jenny Chambers Teacher
Steve Cogan Science Teacher
Tony Tubbs Teacher
Jacob Williamson Teacher

1st Semester

UNIT I: The Nature of Life & Ecology

UNIT 2: Organics & Cells and Cell Processes

UNIT 3: Protein Synthesis

UNIT 4: Genetics

2nd Semester

UNIT 4: Genetics & Biotechnology

UNIT 5: Evolution

UNIT 6: Classification and Diversity

UNIT 7: The Human Body

UNIT 8: Plants