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1st Semester

 History of Oceanography

Plate Tectonics

Sea Floor Dynamics

Physical and Chemical Properties of the Ocean

Ocean—atmosphere interactions

Wave, Wind, and Tide Dynamics

Local Coastal Issues

2nd Semester

 Life in the Marine Environment

Introduction to Marine Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems

Marine Resources

Human Interactions and Impacts

Marine Ecology

Course Description

Prerequisite: Completion of Biology & Chemistry with grades of C or better both semesters. Recommendation of current science teacher.

This course emphasizes the study of the ocean and its environment above and below the surface. First semester focus is on Oceanography, second semester focus is on Ecology and Taxonomy of Marine species and habitats. Instruction includes the ecological interrelationships between the physical environment and the plants and animals which inhabit it. This course meets one semester of Biological Science  requirement and one semester of Physical Science requirement.

Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology is a college preparatory class focusing on the physical and biological principles that dictate the processes in the marine environment. Students must have passed both Biology and Chemistry before taking this class.  Besides the interest in the ocean, students should have an understanding of biology and chemistry as well the motivation and discipline to learn about the complex interactions in the ocean. The first semester will have an emphasis on physical oceanography, covering topics such as plate tectonics, bathymetric structure, wave dynamics and water chemistry. In the second semester, we will shift the focus onto marine biology, looking at biochemical cycles, ecological communities, marine zoology, and environmental issues.

Marine Ecology Teachers
Robin Cadiz Teacher

Course texts


Oceanography: An Invitation To Marine Science by Tom Garrison (Fall Semester)


Marine Biology by Peter Castro and Michael E. Huber (Spring Semester)

Catalina 2014
Catalina 2014