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Nick Lopez begins a tradition for Titan Science

 In Spring 2009, 9 first year chemistry students from Tesoro join hundreds of Orange County students to partake in the annual chemistry exam hosted by the American Chemical Society .  Nick Lopez became the first Titan to be awarded as the top student for Tesoro by scoring the highest on the exam for the school.  An award ceremony was held later in the year to honor all students throughout the county!  Congrats to Nick!  Images above show Nick and fellow classmates and participants (MaryAnn Verghese and Ahdiv Nathan) in attendance at the ACS award night at Concordia College.


Course Description

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra IA/IB with an average grade of a B or better and completion of Biology with an average grade of
a B or better. Recommendation from current science teacher.

Recommended: Concurrent enrollment in Algebra II

This inquiry and laboratory-based course is aligned with the CUSD science standards and is designed for the college bound student. It deals with the scientific principles behind the interactions of matter and energy. Emphasis is placed on the quantitative evaluation of the atom, elements, periodic table, chemical bonding, gases, solutions, thermodynamics, acids and bases, and nuclear chemistry.

Welcome to Chemistry!

We hope all of you have a successful year enriched with many new and exciting learning experiences. The chemistry courses at Tesoro have been designed to help students discover the chemical and physical world around them while focusing on collaborative groups, research, laboratory work, and hands on investigation. Tesoro High School offers Chemistry, IDEA Chemsitry and Advance Placement Chemistry.  These courses are taught using a variety of instructional methods, including lecture, laboratory investigations, problem solving, and computer technology.

Chemistry Teachers
Megan Leiva Science Teacher
Shannon O'Malley Teacher
Annie Yu Teacher

Chemistry Textbooks

Regular and Honors Chemistry - Glencoe: Matter and Change

Chemistry 1st Semester

Unit 1 - Measurement and Matter

Unit 2 - Atomic Structure and The Mole

Unit 3 - Quantum Model of the Atom & Periodicity

Unit 4 - Bonding

Unit 5 - Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry

Chemistry 2nd Semester

Unit 6 - Gases

Unit 7 - Liquid, Solids and Solutions

Unit 8 - Acids, Bases & Equilibrium

Unit 9 - Thermochemistry

Unit 10 - Electrochemistry