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Spring Dance


Friday, March 20th


On Campus - Basketball Courts


Tickets on beginning February 25th! 

Online in the ASB webstore and in ASB.


Tickets NOT included in the Class Package

$10 with ASB/ $15 without ASB


Dance Check-in Procedures:

To ensure a speedy check-in and less time waiting in lines to enter the dance. 

  • Students should bring only their student ID into the dance. No ID card or a picture of ID card will delay your entry.
  • Students that bring personal items, bags/purses, to the dance will have a delayed entry into the dance due to all purses/bags being checked. There is no “Coat Check” at this dance, so anything you bring will be your responsibility.
  • Water, drinks, candy/mints, liquids, lotions, perfumes, makeup, medications, gum/chap stick, chargers, and additional items will be confiscated and may not be returned.
  • All students will be breathalyzed upon entry and may be breathalyzed prior to exit.