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 Attention all 10th, 11th and 12th graders!!!

ASVAB Testing

January 22, 2020 @ 7am  in the Library 

What is the ASVAB???

ASVAB CEP is a career planning tool available to 10-12 grade students at no cost.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program (CEP) is a comprehensive career planning tool that enables meaningful career exploration and post-secondary planning. It is sponsored by the Department of Defense with a two part mission to provide: a career exploration service to U.S. youth and qualified leads to military recruiters. The test is offered at no cost to participating high schools as a public service.  Participation is always voluntary and participants have no obligation to the Military or to speak to a recruiter.

ASVAB CEP inspires students, parents, and educators to take collaborative action to talk about all of the post-secondary options. This effort harnesses the collective power of families and communities to transform how people think about, talk about, and participate in post-secondary planning.

To register, please click here.

For any questions please email Mrs. Martinez or come by the Guidance office with questions.

Tesoro Future Accomplishments start today (FAST) workshops

In order to help and support our current seniors with their future accomplishments the Tesoro Guidance Staff has created our FAST program. This program has a number of steps to is to ensure that every student and parent has the information they need to start down the path needed. 

Step 1 : Senior Parent Information Meeting (Click Here for the presentation)

Step 2: Mandatory Student Meeting during Tutorial (Click Here for the presentation)

Step 3: Student filled out a survey picking which workshop they would like to attend.

Step 4: On October 8 & 9 students during their social science class attends one of the workshops.

Step 5: Students continue and complete the work they started during one of the workshops.

Step 6: If a student needs help or has questions they need to reach out and get help. Students can always go to their academic advisor or use any of the Futureology resources

counseling services

 A Saddleback College Counselor will be available to assist Tesoro High School students with any questions they have about applying to Saddleback College, concurrent /dual enrollment, Counseling 100 Course, Freshman Advantage, Higher Education Pathways, College Services / Programs, and more. 

Counseling Hours:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays  9am-2pm in the Guidance Dept. 

Request an appointment with a Saddleback College Counselor




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