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drama club executive board 2019-2020

President- Alex Davies-Morris

Vice President- Montana Wood

Secretary- Andrew Green

Treasurer- Nick Werfelmann

Clerk- Cameron Messman

Activities Director- Hannah Pendleton

Marketing Director- Allie Bierman

Photo Historian- Kellie Petrosian

Video Historian- Sara Hosn

Stage Managers- Sam Melanson, Carly Sherman

Comedy Sports &Fall Play Cast Lists 2019

Congrats to the following students. Our first practice will be Thursday, September 12 from 3-5 in the theatre. Parent meeting 8-9 pm Thursday, Sept. 30 (after BTSN)

Junior Varsity

Maya Shomaker - Captain

Brett Schwartz

Molly Fineberg

Scott Davis

Justin Quick

Abby Baytieh

Heros Ohannessian

Gavin Morrow

Caitlyn Kampff

Natalia Vassilian


Alex Davies Morris - Captain

Andrew Green - Captain

Brooke Semelsberger - Manager

Brandon Avant

Max Vadas

Fiona Meehan

Sydney Prizer

Amanda Shea

Kenton Swanson

Luke Schoettger

Caitlyn Wilt

Max Guererro

Alex Lee

Emma Engle

Olivia Zapotny

Sara Hosn

Geek! HS Edition, by Crystal Skillman,

 Fall Play Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned.

It is always difficult to cut and cast with so many committed and talented students.

We know anyone who undertakes the audition process is dedicated, committed, and brave. Thank you all for giving so much. You make my job challenging for sure.

Do not contact the directors in any form, for any reason, until Monday, August 26th. MSC will be happy to give you notes on how you can improve your audition after Monday.

**Students and parents:Please be mindful and respectful when posting on social media, texting and talking to other students. Your text messages & social media posts are not private. Let's support each other, build a great ensemble that will create a great show, and be kind with our thoughts and words. Every student is awesome regardless of the cast list.

The first cast meeting will be announced shortly.

Geek! Cast List 2019

Danya -Montana Wood

Honey -Brooke Semelsberger

Gwen -Fiona Meehan

Ellen - Sam Lapp

Toby -Alex Davies-Morris

Squeaker (Bobby) -Hunter Keene

Miss Cosy -Amanda Shea

Devil Cat #1 -Kellie Petrosian

Devil Cat #2 -Sarah Selznick

Guard #1 - Faith Moore

Guard #2 - Nick Werfelmann

Manno -Andrew Green

Spring -Sydney Prizer

Tiny Ajax -Maya Shomaker

Minnie -Caitlyn Wilt

Brian -Justin Quick

Marcy -Emma Engle

Molly -Daylene Higgins

Announcer - Luke Schoettger

Samagashi –Sarah Dao

Goth Girl - Abby Baytieh 

Goth Boy -Cameron Messman

Battle-Bot Boy - TBA 

Steampunk Lieutenants - Kenton Swanson, Gavin Morrow, Max Vadas

Steampunk Army -Mikayla Procter, Alex Lee, Bella DeMarco, Olivia Zapotny, Sarah Dao

Ensemble -Sam Lapp, Bradley Ricard, John Arlotti, Hunter Keene, Josh Rinderer, Luke Schoettger, Christina Mueller, Bridget Palmer, Caitlyn Kampff, Molly Fineberg, Natalia Vassilian 


Fall Play Cast - The Three Musketeers by Ken Ludwig

D’Artagnan                 Carson Preusse

Athos                          Josh Page

Porthos                        Alex Davies-Morris

Aramis                        Chris Ho

Cardinal Richilieu       Luca DeMarco

Rochefort                    Max Vadas

Stanley                        Cameron Messman

King Lous XIII           Andrew Green

D’s Father                   John Arlotti

Basille                         Delaney Toler

Lead Bar Singer          Kenton Swanson

Fache                           Kelly Petrosian

Treville                        Gavin Marrow

Duke of Buckingham  Cole Shoemaker

Ravanche                    Luke Schoettger

Ruffian/Bar patron      Max Guererro

Innkeeper                    Brooke Semelsberger

DeBris                         Emily Carmichael

Sabine                         Gianna Piva

Milady                         Natalie Pappalardo

Old Woman                Sawyer Slocum

Constance                   Sammy Schwartz

Adele                          Hannah Frank

Queen Anne                Alexa/ Montana

D’s Mother                 Olivia Zapotney

Elise                            Kiana Diaz

Mother Superior          Faith Moore

Abbess                        Tiffany Esparza

Sister (nun)                 Fiona Meehan

Servant                       Nick Werfelman

Ensemble         Alex Lee, Yenni Luu, MacKenzie Madewell, Emma Engle, Allie Sahargun


Congratulations to the following students who made the CSZ teams. First practice will be held Tuesday, September 4, from 3-5 pm in the Titan Theatre.




Alex Davies-Morris

Andrew Green

Brandon Avant

Brooke Semelsberger

Carson Preusse

Cate Oveson

Chris Ho

Cole Shoemaker

Delaney Toler

Gianna Piva

Kaylee McDonald

Kenton Swanson

Kiana Diaz

Max Vadas

Sawyer Slocum

Tiffany Esparza

Will Vochelli



Alex Lee

Amanda Shea

Brett Schwartz

Caitlyn Wilt

Emma Engle

John Arlotti

Luke Schoettger

Maya Shomaker

Max Guerrero

Olivia Zapotney

Sydney Prizer

Taylor Esparza