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School Counseling Program

Role of the School Counselor

Counselors at Tesoro High School believe:

  1. All students have dignity, worth and the innate ability to achieve and succeed.  

  2. All students should have access to quality education, opportunities, resources, and a credentialed school counselor who will advocate and support them in all three domains of academic, social-emotional, and career development. 

  3. School counselors serve as advocates and change agents for students, removing barriers to learning and advocating for equity and student success for all.  

  4. School counselors create and implement a comprehensive data-driven school counseling program, guided by the ASCA National Model, evidence-based practices, and needs assessments from all stakeholders. Professional development is crucial to any successful school counseling program.   

  5. All students rise to the given expectation when provided the right interventions and scaffolding.  When students rise to meet high expectations, they become positive influences within the community and society. 

THS School Counseling Vision

The vision of the Tesoro High School Counseling program is that all students will graduate with the social-emotional, academic, and career-ready skills to reach their fullest educational potential as responsible, competent and productive citizens. Tesoro High School counselors envision our students to become lifelong learners who seek challenging and meaningful experiences that expand their worldview of a diverse global society, all while demonstrating Wisdom, Strength, and Honor.

THS School Counseling Mission

The mission of the Tesoro High School Counseling Program is to support the whole child and empower all students to reach their highest potential as balanced, responsible, and respectful  contributing members of our diverse global society.  Tesoro High School Counselors collaborate with all stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive, data-driven program that meets the needs of all students and helps every student succeed, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.  Our school counseling program uses a multi-tiered system of support to promote a positive school climate and ensure that all students can access their education and achieve personal and academic success.

The School Counseling Program is guided by the ASCA National Model.