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Spring Musical Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned. It is always difficult to cut and cast with so many committed and talented students.

We were impressed with the large amount of students who committed so fully to the audition process from preparing your songs, to learning the dance, to coming prepared to the callbacks. We know anyone who undertakes the process is dedicated, committed and brave. Thank you all for giving so much. You make our job challenging for sure.


Do not contact the directors in any form, for any reason, until  Monday, December 11.


Please be mindful and respectful when posting on social media, as many of you are friends and many students were not cast. 


The first cast meeting will be announced soon.

If you would like to be a production assistant, please pick up an application in the greenroom on Monday.


Crazy for You Cast List


Bobby – Carson Preusse

Polly – Eve DeVault

Zangler – Luca DeMarco

Irene – Natalie Pappalardo

Eugene – Tristan Zadravecz

Patricia – Eliza Schmitt

Lottie – Julia Pacific

Lank – Josh Nayer

Everett – Josh Nuno

Mingo – Michael Brungardt

Sam – Justin Mapanao

Moose – Nolan Gipe

Pete – Alex Roldan

Custus – Chris Ho

Junior – Jason Swanson

Wyatt – Will Vochelli

Tess – Gianna Piva

Patsy – Chelsea McCormick

Harry - Matt Ullman

Billy – Max Vadas

Jimmy – Kenton Swanson

Follies - Holly Hatchel

              Jessie Richards

              Hannah Frank

              Kiana Diaz

              Jayden Goodman

              Kellie Petrosian

              Montana Wood

              Sarah Selznick

Ensemble - Sammy Schwartz

                    Samantha Lapp

                    Carly Sherman

                    Camille Grochowski

                    Lorelei Blau

                    Emma Engle

                    Hunter Keene




Thank you to all who auditioned for the One-Act Plays - Congratulations! Cast Lists are listed below. Your directors will contact you with your first rehearsal date and time.



By Bridgette Carpenter

Directors: Sammy Schwartz and Julia Pacific

GUY...Nick Werfleman

WOMAN...Megan Vu

HOSTESS...Taylor Esparza


Bake Off!

By Sheri Wilner

Directed by: Kyle Jocham and Lyla Wilkes

Paul... Zak Mendenhall

Rita... Emma Engle

Pillsbury DB... Matthew Matton

Announcer... Megan Stout


Hippies, Housewives, and Watering Holes

By DM Larson

Directed by: Ashlee Devine & Kira Dawson

LEROY...Kenton Swanson

MOLLY...Ashley Ziegelman

MOON...Megan Buncher


Just be Frank

By Caroline Williams

Directed by: Chelsea Garcia-Perez & Cole Shoemaker

MR ROSS...Joel Roberts


CHARLENE...Hannah Frank

DIANE..Caitlyn Wilt

JAN...Brenna Alexander


No More Mister Nice Guy

By Jonathan Rand

Directed by Sarah Whitten & Tiffany Esparza

MILLS... Faith Moore

KIMBALL... Brigitte Craviota

SHELDON... Chris Ho



Deep-Fried Oblivion

By Tyler Munro

Directed by Matt Ullman and Tyler Munro

ALFRED... Kenton Swanson

GEORGE... Brooke Semelsberger

COLONEL SANDERS... Zak Mendenhall

FIGURE... Fiona Meenan

ANCHOR ONE... Faith Stevenson

ANCHOR TWO... Olivia Zapotney

ROBERT...Kevin Zhou


After the Ball Drop

By Rachel Lerner-Ley

Directed by Yenni Luu, Adrianna Ciscone, and Natalia Guillen

JESS... Samera Perkins

MELVIN... Chris Ho



Pitching to the Star

By Donald Margulies

Directed by Mya Kratzat and Jason Swanson

DICK... Luca DeMarco

PETER... Kieran Bradley

DENA... Sam Lapp

LAURIE... Parker Powers

VARIOUS VOICES... Carly Sherman and Samantha Melanson


Please Have a Seat and Someone Will be With You Shortly

By Garth Wingfield

Directed by Eve DeVault and Christina Kuntz

DAVID... Andrew Green

SUE... Sam Melanson


Drugs Are Bad

By Jonathan Rand

Directed by Tristan Zadravecz and Jessie Richard

DAD…Luca De Marco

MOM…Carly Sherman

BRANDEY…Julia Rizkallah



By Henry P. Gravelle

Directed by Cate Oveson and Chelsea McCormick

TED… Andrew Green

WAITRESS…Gracie Williams

WOMAN…Emily Carmichall


The Secret Power of the Mojo Man

By Walter Wykes

Directed by Gianna Piva and Carson Preusse

MICKEY…Nick Werfelmann

VICK…Matthew Matton

BREE…Kellie Petrosian


The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry

By Carol Real

Directed by Joy Lee and Katie Alexander

DONNA…Sheida Amin

LINDA…Hannah Pendleton

AMY…Sarah Dao

PATRICK…Joel Roberts



Thank you to all who auditioned for the Comedy Sportz teams. It is difficult to cast and cut with so many talented students.

Junior Varsity

1.     CJ Lazatin

2.     Brandon Avant

3.     Catherine Galus

4.     Mandy Matel

5.     Yenni Luu

6.     Cate Oveson

7.     Delaney Toler

8.     Brooke Semelsberger

9.     Sawyer Slocum

10.  Kieran Ridley

11.  Kiana Diaz

12.  Hannah Frank

13.  Olivia Zapotny

14. John Arlotti


1.     Tyler Munro

2.     Katie Alexander

3.     Carson Preusse

4.     Julia Pacific

5.     Joy Lee

6.     Holly Hatchel

7.     Mya Kratzat

8.     Kyle Jochum

9.     Jason Swanson

10.  Gianna Piva

11.  Cole Shoemaker

12.  Ashley Ziegleman

13.  Matt Ulman

14.  Kaylie McDonald

15.  Tiffany Esparza

16.  Andrew Green



Cast Lists Fall & Winter Plays 2017-18


Thank you to all who auditioned. It is very difficult to cast & cut with so many talented students. If you were not cast we would love for you to still be involved.



Any student who auditioned but was not cast is guaranteed a role in the One-Act plays. Auditions will be help in the next few weeks; check w/ MSC for more information.

CSZ workshop Wed., & tryouts on Thurs., and production assistant applications are due Friday and are posted in the first hall leading to the greenroom.


Wild Oats-

Piano Player: Jason Swanson

Ukulele/Singer: Ella Bohorquez

Bartender: Joy Lee

Drunk: Cole Shoemaker

Madam: Alexa Braddock

Ephram: Tristan Zadravecz

Bargirl/Inkeeper’s Daughter: Tiffany Esparza

Gamblers: Justin Mapanao and Will Vochelli

Liberty: Faith Moore

Wilson: Chris Ho

Angel Eyes: Alex Roldan

Colonel Croftus Thunder: Tyler Munro

Corporal Crow: Josh Nayer

Kate Thunder: Christina Kuntz

Harry Thunder: Alex Davies-Morris

Muz: Katie Alexander

Jack Rover: Carson Preusse

Ike Gammon: Andrew Green

Sim Gammon: Cameron Messan

Jane Gammon: Kiana Diaz

Senor Morales: Luca De Marco

Sheriff: Kyle Jocham

Ms. Kliegel: Holly Hatchel

Ms. Leko: Sammy Schwartz

Amelia Dolores Morales: Natalia Guillen

Marshal: John Arlotti

Can-Can Girls: Gianna Piva, Jessie Richard, Julia Pacific, Montana Wood and Natalie Pappalardo



The Miracle Worker:

A Doctor: Matt Ullman

Kate: Natalie Pappalardo

Keller: Tyler Munro

Helen: Gianna Piva

Martha: Ashley Ziegleman

Percy: Cameron Messan

Aunt Ev: Sarah Whitten

James: Carson Preusse

Anagnos: Josh Nayer

Annie Sullivan: Julia Pacific

Viney: Chelsea Garcia-Perez

Blind Girls: Montana Wood and Jessie Richard



Tesoro High School Theatre Arts

The Tesoro High School award-winning Theatre Arts Program is large and exciting.  We take on new challenges every year and serve hundreds of students.  While the students run the program, the parents make the program possible by providing the resources and supplies that make our productions a reality.  The performances presented by this department are of a quality not often seen at the high school level, and you may find that you enjoy watching plays and musicals of all types.  You may even be surprised to find that you enjoy Shakespeare more than you thought you would.  Our shows and students regularly earn accolades for high-quality performances. 
Support by our Theatre Arts Family, the general student body and the community is vital to the Department so that we can continue to offer quality productions year after year.  We urge you to attend as many of our productions and ask that you participate in as many of our fund-raising activities as you can.
For additional information, please visit our web site at


Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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