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Chad Trotter


I love teaching computer science at Tesoro! I have been a Titan since 2004. I received my BA from Point Loma Nazarene University and my credential and master's in from Azusa Pacific University. I am credentialed in Computer Applications and English.

I am the adviser to the Machine Learning Club and the Robotics Club.

I believe all students should have (at least) an introduction to computer science before graduating from high school. At Tesoro, we have classes that address all experience levels and give students the opportunity to learn to code and earn college credit through two AP comp sci classes.

I teach the following classes in our lab with 37 new computers!

  • Computer Applications (1 semester, can be taken with Health)
    This class is aimed at students who have never coded before and would like an introduction to the basics of coding, through games development, app creation and web design.
  • AP Computer Science Principles 
    In addition to a thorough introduction to coding, students learn the foundational concepts of computer science and explore how computing and technology impacts the world.
  • AP Computer Science A 
    Students learn object-oriented programming in Java with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithm development. The class also includes the study of data structures and abstraction.


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